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Zhongzhi New Energy Vehicle Co., ltd

09/23/2015 14:59

Zhongzhi New Energy Vehicle Co., ltd(ZEV) is a high technology company which invested by Zhongzhi Enterprise Group(ZEG) and Zhejiang Kangsheng Co.,Ltd. The registered capital of ZEV is 3 billions Yuan, headquarter is located in Chengdu. Our company focuses on the new energy vehicle technology research, producing, marketing and the post-market service. 

Based on the mastery of the core technologies of new energy vehicle like wheel-side drive system, composite materials and etc. We are integrating the outstanding new energy vehicle design company, manufactory, marketing company, post-market service(Internet+) etc., by merger and reorganization. 

Within 3 years, we plan to purchase and regroup 10 holding companies,10 joint stock companies and 10 cooperate companies that related to new energy vehicle. Based on Chengdu, we are establishing a mega diversified, collectivized, international new energy vehicle corporation, makes Zhongzhi industry chain become an "aircraft carrier" in the new energy vehicle field all over the world.